Quality Assurance

PTC Garlic offers you whole range of Dry Garlic. We provide products of highest quality worldwide. Quality is the factor which governs in all the actions of PTC Garlic. In all the procedures associated with Dry Garlic, every stage advances only after severe quality checks. The Dry Garlic products come under our standard array. We are committed to utilize state-of-art skills, processes, and people in order that our customers get only the best. Sequentially it makes sure total customer satisfaction which drives our expansion.

Quality Control Measures

Straight from arrival of the raw-material in factory for the ultimate release products which are legitimately inspected as well as monitored through our managers. Moreover the PTC Garlic has established its plant in the non-polluted zone. Both the re-processing facilities are specifically designed for meeting customer's requirements during high quality assurance. It strictly follows International Standards set by Government as well as other institutions. PTC Garlic has customized for catering different customer specifications. To make sure enough availability all the way through the year, enough stocks are available on the crop-to-crop base. It is a highly superior technology, makes sure the raw-material as well as completed products is according to the international quality. Above all, we are well equipped to provide superior lower microbial products.

Research & Development

At PTC Garlic the possibility for progresses in the Research & Development are always open. This is well equipped with the latest facilities accessible. Nowadays this is working as independent module as well as is having team of qualified and experienced technicians.

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Garlic is the bulb of a tall flowering plant that is extensively used for cooking purposes throughout the world. read more...