Bulk Suppliers of Garlic

At PTC, we have our clients in Asian market and covered overseas area too. It shows our reliability and expertise in garlic business. We are already established as dry Garlic exporter and bulk suppliers of garlic in Gujarat India. This is our experience and domain knowledge that makes us different from crowd.

Almost everyone is familiar with garlic since its childhood. We don’t have to give more details about this particular Product. The great idea is to discuss about its health benefits that can be experienced by any individual. It can also be taken as essential herb usually available in all Indian homes.

Dry Garlic Exporters

Dry Garlic is popular herb has widen medicinal benefits. Being bulk suppliers of garlic and dry garlic exporters in India, we do offer fresh and quality products at effective and suitable prices. We do conduct strict quality checks before releasing our final product into market. When it is taken regularly in adequate amount, it gives immediate health benefits to consumers.

Garlic slows down growth of tumor as well as cancer cells. It is also good for diabetic patents and kidney problems. If you have a weak digestive system then use small amount of garlic daily and live acidity free life forever. The interesting fact is that it helps in driving out worms also.

It is also helpful in reducing blood pressure level and minimizes the cholesterol production inside liver. In this way, it purifies your blood and keeps your heart healthier. Because of its healing properties, it is good for skin diseases. It purifies the blood and makes you more attractive and beautiful.

Bulk supplier of Garlic

  • Excellent storage facility to avoid damage and defected deliveries.
  • Supreme packaging services for fresh and edible taste
  • Strict quality checks by team of experts
  • Our products are distributed worldwide without sacrificing on quality


We always store our products in cool and dry place for avoiding damage problems and defected deliveries.


Our quality team is responsible for cleaning and packaging of garlic before they are delivered to customers. They are closely checked for different quality parameters and we bring out best product that is fresh and edible too.

Strict quality checks

With PTC Garlic, the product has to pass through several quality checks and strict quality parameters before it is passed to end user. We are the prominent Asian garlic supplier based in Gujarat, India supplying quality range of garlic in Indian market and worldwide.

Being reliable India garlic exporters and dry garlic exporters, we are selling our products in Asia and worldwide. We have earned huge reputation as leading garlic supplier having wide range of satisfied clientele in global market. We are always looking to offer more advantageous deals to our customers. For more information on our products, please stay in touch with our quality team and engineers.

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We are bulk suppliers of garlic and Indian exporters dealing in Garlic business from more than 40 years. it is our experience in the industry that makes us most preferable choice in the country.
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Garlic is the bulb of a tall flowering plant that is extensively used for cooking purposes throughout the world. read more...